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JEMELLI Healthy Superfoods for Dogs is made fresh daily for my dogs and yours!! JEMELLI is a Proprietary Blend to include, but not limited to, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Red Beets, Kale, Broccoli, Hemp seeds, & Turmeric along with other SUPERFOOD INGREDIENTS that create a powerful, healthy and balanced diet for all dogs of all ages. This diet is a MEAT/protein based diet not a grain based diet, No GMO’s, No artificial additives, No preservatives, No meat by-products. Only the best ingredients rich in antioxidants to help your dog live a long and healthy life!!! 

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No shopping, no cooking, no counting & no cleaning. Just healthy meals for your dog!

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Homemade With Love For Your Love

Hi there! My name is Skamp and my brother’s name is Oski. We are pictured in the logo and are twin golden retriever brothers. We have been together our entire lives. You can always find us side by side whether playing, sleeping, or just hanging out with our person, Eduardo Hernando. He loves us and takes care of us, and we love him back. Afraid of dried food ingredients and our health in mind, he started making this really special home cooked food for us and we both loved it! We felt more energized and could hardly wait to eat our next meal. We never want to eat dried food from a bag again. My brother and I thought it would be a great idea to share this yummy food with all of our friends so our person started ‘JEMELLI.’ JEMELLI is a new word to describe twins in Italian, our person’s favorite language except with a J instead of a G and the food is delivered directly to your home so it’s easy for your person to get it for you and not have to leave you alone to go buy it. We hope your person will let you enjoy this yummy food too! Tell them they can buy some yummy food for you by hitting the button below! Meet you at the dog park or at the beach to play soon!


Only Real Meat


High Quality Nutrition


No Meat-By-Products

Sample Box


The sample box is FREE and includes 5 packages of our high quality organic food.

Dog Owner Reviews

“If my dogs could write a review I am sure they would agree that the taste of this food exheeded their expectations. Equally important are the health benefits in this homemade formula, which makes it the food of choice for my babies.”
“I made the switch to Jemelli from dry dog food early last month. It’s super convenient to have the food delivered each week. The food comes fresh, not frozen like other dog food delivery.

My Golden Retriever Riley absolutely LOVES it!”

“We have a large Golden-doodle and a small poodle. We have been feeding them Jemelli for several weeks. We love the convenient packaging and Cooper and Rocky LOVE Jemelli in their belly! “

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